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PA4Develop and implement the Climate Change Community Fund (CCCF)


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The creation of the Climate Change Community Fund (CCCF) will allow for the development of community-led environmental projects with social benefits.


The aim of the Climate Change Community Fund is to foster and improve a sense of community around climate focused projects to increase community engagement surrounding the topic of climate change and deliver both environmental and social benefits.

Projects may have a biodiversity, active travel or educational focus, for example; and could be ideas such as community gardens, installing cycle racks, rain water harvesting, or simply rewilding a small piece of unused land.


Please see the link below for a pdf version of our Climate Change Community Fund flyer.



What has been done?

  • Done07/06/2024

    Create and Publish the CCCF Webpage

    Create and publish a webpage that outlines key information about the Climate Change Community Fund so interested parties can easily find and view the information.

  • Done07/06/2024

    Revise the CCCF Requirements and Application Process

    Revise and formalise the scope for the funding requirements which outlines it's purpose and the eligibility criteria.

  • Done31/03/2024

    Test 2 Pilot Projects

    Trial two pilot projects with the funding to ensure the process is functioning well and to highlight possible improvements.

  • Done31/01/2024

    Design and Distribute a CCCF Flyer

    Create and distribute a community flyer about the CCCF throughout the wards of Stevenage.

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