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EW2Increase Rainwater Harvesting


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Rainwater harvesting is a process that involves collecting and storing rainwater that falls on surfaces like roofs for later use. One of SBC's aims is to increase rainwater harvesting across Stevenage.


Harvested rainwater can be used for various non-potable purposes, such as watering gardens, flushing toilets, washing cars, and even for certain industrial processes. Rainwater harvesting systems typically include gutters and downspouts to direct rainwater from rooftops into storage tanks or cisterns.

Rainwater harvesting is important for several reasons:

  1. Water Conservation and Sustainable Management
  2. Reduced Flood Risk
  3. Reduced Water Bills
  4. Drought Resilience
  5. Promoting Self-Sufficiency

What's the link to climate change?

Rainwater harvesting is closely tied to climate change in the UK. As weather patterns become more erratic and intense due to climate change, rainwater harvesting serves as a crucial adaptation strategy. It helps capture and store precipitation during heavy rainfall, providing a local water source in times of drought. This decentralised approach reduces dependence on centralised systems vulnerable to climate-related disruptions. Rainwater harvesting also addresses water scarcity challenges, mitigates flooding risks by managing excess rainwater, and promotes sustainable water practices aligned with UK climate resilience goals. In essence, rainwater harvesting contributes to local adaptation, minimising environmental impact and fostering resilience in the face of changing climate conditions.

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What has been done?

  • Done18/10/2023

    Install 6 Water Butts at Garage Site on Whitesmead Road

    We recently installed several water butts on our garage site at Whitesmead Road, and any water collected will be used to service the nearby allotments

    This will reduce some of the reliance on the mains water supply to the allotments, which is used to help keep the plants healthy. Unfortunately, Hertfordshire is one of the driest counties, and our water resources are under increasing pressure, so every little helps when it comes to saving water

    We installed a total of 6 water butts, and each one holds a maximum of 200 litres.

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