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Energy & Water

The energy sector is a critical contributor to climate change, responsible for over two-thirds of global GHG emissions. It includes all energy sources, such as electricity and natural gas. The source and usage level of energy involves the opportunity to make significant changes in our emissions. The UK has set an ambitious goal to decarbonize its electricity system by 2035, which is late for our Stevenage's target, so encouraging all energy users to not only consider where they source their energy from but how much is used, is one of our major actions. Heating, in turn, is a hard to decarbonise sector in the UK and still being made primarily through natural gas.

In addition, as summers are getting hotter and drier, our water usage increases but availability decreases. Hertfordshire is already one of the driest regions in the UK, yet we use twice as much water as people in places like Manchester. Working with water companies, actions to be considered include addressing leakage and chalk stream sourcing.