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PA3Develop a Climate Change Risk Assessment and Action Plan


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To develop a Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA) and Action Plan specific to Stevenage Borough Council working in conjunction with other local authorities within Hertfordshire County Council as part of an adaptation sub-group.


The aims of developing the Climate Change Risk Assessment and Action Plan are as follows:

  1. To guarantee that as a county, we can be assured that we are prepared for any predicted climatic changes and can confidently mitigate or adapt where needed against them.
  2. Improve organisational awareness of climate change risks within SBC.
  3. To integrate climate risks into our corporate and service risk registers.

The process will involve using the Met Office UKCP18 climate predictions for our local region which states the following:

The Hertfordshire area will experience:

  • Wetter winters and drier summers with greater potential for extreme rainfall events;
  • Warmer winters and hotter summers with greater potential for heatwaves;
  • Increase in humidity;
  • Reduction in snow fall during winter; and
  • Potential for more intense storms.

Further information regarding the process to completion can be seen in the 'tasks' section below.

To find out more about the UKCP projections, please visit

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What's left to do?

  • Todo31/08/2024

    Incorporate Identified Climate Risks

    Work with the SBC risk lead to incorporate the risks into their relevant service register or corporate register.

What has been done?

  • Done21/06/2024

    SBC CCRA Finalised

    Climate Change Risk Assessment formalised and sent for approval by the senior leadership team.

  • Done14/06/2024

    Service Leads to Review Risks

    Service leads to be provided with draft risks and to comment on validity, impact level and likelihood level. A risk score is to be made in collaboration with the climate officer. Mitigation methods to also be discussed for action plan.

  • Done10/04/2024

    Climate Officer to Draft Climate Risks

    Officer to draft climate risks perceived to impact the council near-term, i.e. by 2030, with the aim that these will be discussed to the heads of services for collaboration.

  • Done30/06/2023

    Complete an Extreme Weather Survey

    Survey to establish baselines in how we record impacts of extreme weather events such as heatwaves, storms and drought. Assessing how well we managed those events, the factors that enabled us to cope with them, and ideas for improvement.

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