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PA1Implement Climate Emergency Education for Local & Visitors


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Climate education and awareness encompass efforts to inform individuals and communities about climate change, its impacts, and the importance of sustainable practices. It is crucial for fostering a deeper understanding of environmental issues, encouraging informed decision-making and creating long-term behaviour change.


By raising awareness about climate change, local authorities in the UK can empower residents to take meaningful actions towards sustainability. This may involve implementing educational programmes in schools, hosting community workshops, and utilising digital platforms to disseminate information. In addition, collaborating with environmental organisations, businesses, and community groups can amplify the reach of climate education initiatives. Furthermore, as part of climate communications, local authorities can include climate awareness into local policies and events to further emphasise the urgency of addressing climate challenges and encourage the adoption of eco-friendly practices at the community level.

The Council is working with the local schools, the museum, libraries, football club and communities to raise public awareness on climate change and encourage sustainable behaviour and lifestyle.


What's left to do?

  • Todo31/12/2024

    Climate/Environmental Days Calendar 2025

    Create an environmental and sustainability events calendar for 2025 which can be shared with schools, clubs and members of the public.

  • Todo31/12/2024

    Incorporate a sustainability leaflet and flyer in to housing welcome packs.

What has been done?

  • Done28/06/2024

    Develop a Climate Change Communications Programme

    Develop a communications programme which outlines items such as key environmental events SBC wishes to share via social media.

  • Done10/06/2023

    Stevenage Day 2023

    To encourage people to attend the event by a more sustainable mode of transport, we have provided free and secure bicycle parking for the day.

    Stevenage Day 2023

    For the first time, the SBC Climate Change Team had a stall at Stevenage Day 2023 to promote and raise the awareness of climate change. Information of carbon emissions in Stevenage and what people can do to help with tackling climate change were presented on the day. Number of residents had made their climate pledges!

    Stevenage Day 2023 - climate

  • Done15/04/2023

    Special Storytime at Stevenage Central library

    SBC sponsored a special Storytime at the Stevenage Central Library to learn about looking after our Planet.

    Children enjoyed stories and songs with a nature theme. Then they enthusiastically filled compost into recycled cardboard tubes and planted seeds to take home.

    Library Storytime - Apr 2023

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