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PA2Analysis of SBC's 2023 Climate Action Scorecard


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Stevenage Borough Council scored 27% on their 2023 Climate Action Scorecard, 2% lower than the district average of 29%.


The Climate Action Scorecards are assessments created by volunteers at Climate Emergency UK. They assess all UK councils on the actions they have taken towards achieving net zero. The Scorecard assessment consists of approximately 91 questions across 7 different sections, created in consultation with over 90 different organisations and individuals. Each council is marked against the criteria and results are published on the scorecards website.

SBC aims to structurally review the assessment criteria and results for Stevenage Borough Council's Climate Action Scorecard with the aim to understand how we can better improve our performance in the upcoming years.

For information regarding SBC's Climate Action Scorecard results, please visit view the link within the 'read more' section below.

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