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HO6Communal Heating Upgrade of Sheltered Housing


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Replacement and renewal of communal heating systems at 15 sheltered housing units across Stevenage with more energy efficiency alternatives.


Since 2018, the Council has been upgrading the communal heating system in all 15 of their sheltered housing units across Stevenage with more energy efficiency and lower carbon emissions alternatives. The work includes:

  • Installation of Air Source Heat Pump, Hot Water System, boiler, and pipework.
  • Modification and installation of new heating plant
  • Modification or extension of existing cold and hot water supplies.
  • All making good - ceiling and lighting

The upgrade scheme is estimated to reduce the 2023 carbon emissions by 34% compared to 2017 (prior the start of any upgrade work). Almost two-thirds of the carbon reduction is due to the installation of new technologies with higher energy efficiency and lower consumption of carbon intensive fossil fuels. The other third of the reduction is due to decarbonisation of electricity generation at a national level, through the progressive closure of fossil fuels powered station and increasing renewable electricity generation.

More information about the Communal Heating System Upgrade Scheme can be found Communal Heating Programme (

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02/11/2018 → 20/10/2022

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