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HO5Decarbonisation of existing private domestic housing


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Stevenage Borough Council is working to promote various decarbonisation schemes for private housing within the town.


The decarbonisation of private homes refers to efforts and strategies aimed at reducing the carbon emissions associated with residential properties. It is a key component of broader initiatives to mitigate climate change and transition to a more sustainable and low-carbon economy. Decarbonisation involves implementing measures to improve the energy efficiency of homes, decrease reliance on fossil fuels, and promote the use of renewable energy sources. Common decarbonisation practices include enhancing insulation, adopting energy-efficient appliances, upgrading heating and cooling systems, and encouraging the installation of renewable energy technologies like solar panels.

The UK government has outlined ambitious targets for the decarbonisation of homes, emphasising the need to transition away from high-carbon heating systems, such as gas boilers, toward cleaner alternatives like heat pumps. Additionally, promoting energy-efficient construction practices and encouraging the retrofitting of existing homes are integral aspects of the decarbonisation agenda. These efforts not only contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions but also enhance energy resilience, reduce energy bills for residents, and create a more sustainable and environmentally conscious housing sector.

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What are we doing?

  • Todo31/03/2025

    Home Upgrade Grant Phase 2 (HUG2)

    SBC are working in partnership with the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority (CPCA) and DESNZ to provide HUG2 funding to local homeowners and private-tenants. Launching the HUG2 Year 1 communications in October/November 2023 targeting house properties that fit the criteria. Year 2 will focus on targeting flat properties that fit the criteria. You can find out more about the scheme here:

  • Todo31/03/2025

    Energy Company Obligation Scheme round 4 (ECO 4)

    SBC is currently working to secure an energy provider partner to collaborate on the ECO4 scheme with. You can find out more about ECO4 here:

What has been done?

  • Done31/12/2023

    Hertfordshire Energy Advice Tool (HEAT) app

    SBC joined with councils across Hertfordshire to become one of the first in Britain to partner with Energy Saving Trust to provide an energy-efficiency app to help residents to cut energy use, reduce carbon emissions and save money. The HEAT app gives a virtual tour around a typical home, asking questions and giving advice through each room. Based on the answers you give, quick, easy, low or no-cost actions are suggested to help you save money on your energy bills and cut your carbon footprint.

    Give it a go! Free to download from Google Play and Apple store.

    Also see Save up to £70 on energy | North Herts Council (

  • Done27/10/2023

    Promotion of the Solar Together Scheme

    SBC are working to promote the Solar Together Scheme, a group-buying solar panel scheme that is applicable to Stevenage residents who own their own house (or have permission from the landlord to install a solar PV system). Small and medium-sized enterprises (non-domestic) and Commonhold Associations meeting this requirement can participate as well. For more information, please visit

  • Done31/03/2023

    Sustainable Warmth Funding

    The programme is made up of two schemes: Local Authority Delivery Phase 3 (LAD3) and Home Upgrade Grant Phase 1 (HUG1), which are Government-funded energy-efficiency schemes.

  • Done30/09/2022

    Local Authority Delivery Scheme 2 (LAD2)

  • Done31/05/2022

    Local Authority Delivery Scheme 1B (LAD1B)

    This funding was used to target properties in an EPC band D or below as per government criteria’s for the funding. 150 properties were included in this programme involving the installation of solar panels at 123 properties, loft insulation at 9 properties and cavity wall insulation at 45 properties.

    The delivery of these measures increased the EPC score of all these properties to an EPC C or above. It is also estimated to have made a CO2 saving of approximately 142,643KG a year in total.

  • Done31/03/2022

    Energy Company Obligation Scheme round 3 (ECO 3)

    SBC was working with YES Energy Solution to provide funding towards heating system upgrades and insulation install to private residents. The energy efficiency measures applied to eligible customers included boiler replacement, central heating system, loft insulation, wall insulation, under floor insulation, and roof insulation.

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