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EW6Increase local renewable energy generation


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Local renewable energy generation refers to the production of energy from renewable sources within a specific locality or community. Instead of relying solely on centralised power plants, local communities generate electricity through renewable resources available in their immediate vicinity.


Local renewable energy generation offers several benefits, including reducing dependence on non-renewable energy sources, minimising transmission and distribution losses, fostering energy independence, and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Common sources of local renewable energy include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Solar Power: Installing solar panels on rooftops or in community solar projects to harness energy from the sun. This could then also be used for solar water heating.
  2. Wind Power: Utilising wind turbines, either on an individual or community scale, to generate electricity from wind energy.
  3. Biomass: Using organic materials like wood, agricultural residues, or organic waste to produce energy through combustion or bioenergy technologies.

The council aims to spread awareness of local renewable energy generation and has done so through the promotion of the Solar Together Scheme and the installation of solar panels on multi-storey car parks and new developments to increase the generation of local renewable energy.

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What has been done?

  • Done01/05/2024

    Complete a feasibility study on PV and battery storage installation for St George's Car Park alongside energy usage reduction

    Feasibility study has been commissioned has been produced.

  • Done05/05/2023

    Install Solar Panels on the New Railway North MSCP Development

    76 Solar panels were installed on the roof of the MSCP. As of December 2023, this has saved 9.18 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere which is the equivalent to planting 13 trees.

  • Done27/09/2022

    Solar Together Hertfordshire Scheme

    Working with the Hertfordshire Climate Change and Sustainability Partnership(opens in new window) (HCCSP) to developing the Solar Together Hertfordshire, a scheme to bulk buys solar panels and battery storage, to ensure residents can install high-quality, roof-mounted solar panels at a competitive price. This innovative scheme is part of the Solar Together programme runs by iChoosr which started four years ago and now runs across the UK.

    Over 200 households in Stevenage had registered to become part of the group. There is no obligation to install the solar panels after registering. However, if all registered households went ahead with the installation, it could save approximately 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year (*reference A comprehensive guide to solar panels - Energy Saving Trust).

    Find out more at Solar Together Hertfordshire (

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