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CR4Incorporate sustainability aspects into the new Railway North Multi Storey Car Park (MSCP)


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As part of the Regeneration Programme, a new modern multi storey car park design that incorporates sustainability and the adoption of electric vehicles will be built.


Similar to all the other Regeneration Projects - "Sustainability" has been one of the key considerations from the start of the MSCP project. Substituting the existing Railway North surface car park, it increases the number of parking spaces near the station to 622 bays and improves the general transport link. The sustainable measures during construction and sustainable features of the building include:

  • Lightweight structure foundations to minimise the use of carbon intense concrete for reinforcement
  • Use of steel and prefabricated items to reduce operation time and waste on site
  • Optimising fleet management for material and waste transport to reduce the amount of transport movement, hence less air and noise pollution
  • Open sided design to maximise natural ventilation and to avoid mechanical ventilation
  • Motion detectors and dimmable LEDs that reduces unnecessary lighting and light pollution
  • Solar panel and battery system to power basic demand of the car park such as lighting

MSCP Sustainability

The life cycle impact assessment had been undertaken to calculate the embodied carbon of the MSCP during the service life (assumed to be 60 years). The MSCP has an Embodied Carbon Benchmark Grade A owning to all the sustainability measures.

MSCP Embodied Carbon

Image Credits to Chris Winter Photography and Huber

Image Credits to Chris Winter Photography and Huber

Above images credited to Chris Winter Photography and Huber.


What has been done?

  • Done05/05/2023

    Construction complete

    Construction complete of the new MSCP and is open to the public. 76 Solar panels were installed on the roof of the MSCP. As of December 2023, this has saved 9.18 tonnes of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere which is the equivalent to planting 13 trees.

  • Done23/05/2022

    Construction begins

    Construction of the new MSCP begins on site.

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