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SBC is exploring the options to reduce the environmental impact of Council events and aims to set a positive precedent for responsible and mindful event planning.


Event sustainability involves the strategic planning and execution of events with a focus on minimising environmental impact, promoting social responsibility, and ensuring economic viability.

SBC recognises the potential impact that our events may have on our local environment and that prioritising event sustainability is important to align with broader global efforts to combat climate change and promote long-term social and economic wellbeing.

Incorporating sustainability into events may include measures such as waste reduction through recycling programs, the use of eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient practices, and the promotion of local and sustainable sourcing for catering. We also hope to provide sustainability guidance to the community who wish to run events in Stevenage.

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Stevenage Day Aerial

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What are we doing?

  • Todo31/03/2024

    Develop Sustainability guidance as an integral part of the Community Event Toolkit

    To support the community with their events. Our community toolkit will be updated to include sustainability guidance for event organisers.

  • Todo10/06/2024

    Discourage Single Use Plastic at Refreshment and Catering Units at SBC events.

    Discourage caterers from using single use plastics at Council events and use sustainable alternatives.

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