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WR3Promote the Reusing, Repairing and Avoidance of Waste


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Promoting the reuse, repair, and reduction of waste is crucial for fostering environmental sustainability and minimising our ecological footprint. Embracing these practices helps conserve valuable resources and energy by extending the lifespan of products and reducing the need for constant production.


By encouraging reuse and repair, we contribute to a circular economy that prioritises the longevity of goods over disposal. Avoiding unnecessary waste minimises the environmental impact associated with manufacturing, transportation, and disposal processes. Emphasising these principles not only conserves natural resources, but also mitigates pollution and lowers greenhouse gas emissions, aligning with broader global efforts to address climate change and create a more sustainable future.

With their large reach, SBC recognises that Local Authorities play a pivotal role in promoting the reusing, repairing, and avoidance of waste. Various initiatives and policies could include:

  1. Implementing educational campaigns to raise awareness about the benefits of reusing, repairing, and avoiding unnecessary waste within the local community.
  2. Encourage and financially support the establishment of repair cafés and reuse centres where residents can repair items, donate goods, and find pre-loved items, promoting a culture of reuse.
  3. Provide incentives and recognition for local businesses that adopt sustainable practices, such as offering repair services or promoting reusable and recyclable packaging.
  4. Enhance and expand curb side recycling programs, making it easier for residents to recycle and dispose of items properly, thereby reducing the volume of waste sent to landfills.
  5. Develop and implement policies that prioritise waste reduction, encouraging practices like bulk purchasing, composting, and reduction of single-use items in public spaces.
  6. Collaborate with local charities and non-profits to facilitate the collection and redistribution of reusable items, fostering a circular economy and supporting those in need.
  7. Integrate sustainable criteria into procurement processes, encouraging the purchase of products with longer lifespans, repairable components, and minimal environmental impact.
  8. Conduct regular waste audits to identify patterns and areas for improvement, allowing for informed decision-making in waste management strategies.

School talks and assemblies are regularly delivered on topics including recycling and reducing waste. SBC promotes the reusable nappy and period products at various locations and events across the town. The Council also works with Recycle Your Cycle to enable unwanted bicycles to be repaired and saved from being thrown away (linked below).

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What has been done?

  • Done28.02.2023

    Implement a Recycle your Cycle Scheme

    SBC collects unwanted bikes that have been abandoned or fly tipped which is then collected from us to be taken on for refurbishment. Recycle Your Cycle partners with prisons in the UK and also have a prisoner rehabilitation scheme. As part of this, the charity sets up bicycle repair workshops which helps prisoners to gain new skills and improve employment prospects. The bikes are then donated to partner charities and sold on to make money for that charity.

    Between Feb 23 and Feb 24, SBC has donated 155 bikes for recycling.

    Find out more about the recycle your cycle scheme here:

  • Done01.07.2022

    Community Repair Cafe

    SBC has supported the community repair café project in Bedwell, through the Climate Change Community Fund (see related actions).

  • Done25.01.2022

    Reusable Menstrual Products Scheme

    SBC is proud to support the Herts Sustainable Periods scheme, which offers an exclusive 15% off reusable period products from selected suppliers to all Hertfordshire residents.

    Find out more

  • Done20.11.2020

    Herts Reusable Nappy Reward Scheme

    In partnership with a host of nappy manufacturers and suppliers to bring the best reusable nappies around. Discount has been offered to Hertfordshire residents.

    Find out more,for%20access%20to%20your%20discount.

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