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BI1Develop SBC's tree management policies


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New Tree Management Policy adopted in 2021 and has been used since.

Develop a new amenity tree management policy to ensure that trees are retained, managed, protected and planted in accordance with sound landscape and arboricultural practice, with due regard to their contribution to amenity and urban landscape for both current and future generations.


Trees are a key element of any urban climate change strategy. One of the best ways of making our towns and cities more hospitable in the coming decades is to increase the number, and size, of trees in our urban areas. Trees help the response to the climate crises by capturing unavoidable emissions, improving air quality, absorbing pollutants, and helping to mitigate surface water flooding.

Amenity trees refer to trees that are planted in parks, open spaces, and along our streets and cycle networks; that is any tree that is on public land with the exception of woodland trees.

It has long been recognised that amenity trees are an essential landscape feature within our 21st century towns and cities, and Stevenage is no exception. The new town planners included for extensive tree planting to be undertaken as well as the retention of much of the existing farm woodland and hedgerow during the initial development of the town. Their foresight has been realised in the tree stock which we have inherited and enjoy today.

Trees positively contribute to our lives in many ways and just as it is us who are benefitting now, from the foresight of the original new town planners, so we must show our commitment to the future by continuing to plant new, and manage existing, trees for the benefit of future generations.

In combination with developing a new Amenity Tree Management Policy, SBC are also working to develop a Tree and Woodland Strategy. To find out more about new Amenity Tree Management Policy, the full document is linked in the 'read more' section.

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  • Done20/01/2021

    Develop a new amenity tree management policy

    The Amenity Tree Management Policy sets out 26 policies within 9 key themes: Amenity Tree Stock; Routine Tree Maintenance; Tree Planting, Establishment and Design; Trees and Community; Trees and Buildings; Trees and New Developments; Dangerous Trees in Private Ownership; and Environmental Responsibilities.

    This policy document complements the Hertfordshire County Council Highway Tree Strategy and Guidance Document, July 2020, and will be reviewed in line with the introduction of new county or national strategic documents.

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