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TR8Deploy zero emissions local buses


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The project has been cancelled due to transport firm pulled out of the funding scheme. With the operator and HCC we are exploring alternative schemes

Electric Buses in Stevenage


The electric buses replacement project at Stevenage has been cancelled due to the transport firm has pulled out of the funding scheme. For more information, please visit - Firm pulls out of £6.1 electric bus scheme for Stevenage - BBC News


Public transport can help the UK get to net zero, reduces congestion and improves air quality by taking cars off the road. One bus can take up to 75 private cars off the road. However, there are currently the buses in operation in Stevenage are still fossil fuel based and contributing towards the greenhouse gas emissions.

Acknowledging the bus fleet in Stevenage is an aged fleet, with the average ago being around 11 years, there is an opportunity for them to be replaced by zero emission alternative. The most suitable solution to match the duty cycle requirements at Stevenage is battery electric single deckers.

Hertfordshire County Council had partnered with Arriva, the bus operator in Stevenage, and supported by Stevenage Borough Council to bid for the Government Zero Emission Bus Regional Areas (ZEBRA) scheme to deliver 27 new electric buses in Stevenage. The success of the bid is estimated to remove 1,700 tonnes of CO2 emissions, as well as improving the local air quality and cutting down on noise.


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Information updated 08/07/2024