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TR9Stevenage as a Sustainable Travel Town


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Stevenage is in the first wave of Hertfordshire’s Sustainable Travel Towns.  An Implementation Plan is being developed with HCC officers and gaining support – with a list of strategies to support an emerging Sustainable Travel Town in Stevenage.


Sustainable Travel Towns (STTs) are an innovative approach to reshaping the local highway network and places as a whole, in line with the sustainable transport objectives set out in the Local Transport Plan.

STTs will consist of a package of measures that will achieve a significant switch to walking, cycling and public transport.

The overall outcome will be that a STT will feel considerably different to the current conditions in the town. The general perception to all highway users will be that pedestrians, cyclists and public transport users will have a greater priority than they do at present, leading to a higher level of natural enforcement and behavioural change.

The improvement in the general environment will have the additional benefits of:

  • improving public health though better air quality and more physical activity
  • enhancing the local economy
  • promoting social interaction
  • generating a sense of place.

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Information updated 05/07/2024