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TR5Install Public Electric Charging Infrastructure across Stevenage


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SBC is working to increase the prevalence of public electric charging infrastructure across Stevenage.


From 2035, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned in the UK. The use of electric vehicles (EV) is becoming more and more common as the country moves towards net zero. Stevenage Borough Council is keen to play their part in accelerating the switch and supporting a smooth transition from carbon intensive to zero emission vehicles by making EV charging accessible to more people.

Besides installing charging facilities at car parks in the town centre, the council is intending to provide a charging opportunity across town for local residents who might not have a driveway where they could charge an EV and for visitors coming to visit friends and family in Stevenage. Charging facilities at neighbourhood shops will also help to draw in customers to support those businesses. Completion of this project will depend on both successfully bidding for the government grant and gaining joint funding from an installation partner.

SBC encourages provision of private workplace charging through the planning system for new commercial applications and by advising employers on the availability of government grants.


What are we doing?

  • Todo10/2025

    Install additional charging points across town - using LEVI funding

    Initial feasibility studies to identify locations that are viable to install EV charging points by assessing the layout, ownership and the energy grid. This includes up to a fifty potential sites across park land, leisure sites and garages compounds across Stevenage. These sites have been submitted to HCC who are administering the LEVI fund.

What has been done?

  • Done31/05/2024

    Neighbourhood Centre EV charge point project

    Provision of EV charge points at Bedwell Shops, The Hyde, Oaks Cross, Archer Road, Filey Close and St Nicholas Park.

  • Done16/05/2023

    Installation of Blink EV chargers at Swingate, The Forum and St Georges Car Park

    Doubling of existing numbers at the above sites, replacement of legacy equipment and new developer led installation at Marshgate.

  • Done05/05/2023

    30 EV charging points at the New Multi Storey Car Park at Stevenage Station

    The new Multi Storey Car Park is equipped with 30 EV charging bays.

  • Done31/03/2023

    Bid for ORCS public EV charger funding from OZEV

    After an extensive feasibility assessment and public consultation in 2022 a bid for funding was made to the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (DfT) to install chargers in eight sites including neighbourhood centres across the town. This bid was successful. Find out more Office for Zero Emission Vehicles - GOV.UK (

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