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TR3Implement Borough-Wide Cycle Hire


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A cycle hire scheme for the entire borough that is open to all, with cycles available for hire in public places at all times, with little or no notice required to join.


Transport is the biggest source of greenhouse gases in the UK. Cycling is one of the most popular sustainable transport options to eliminate the carbon emissions and reduce air pollution. As a new Town, Stevenage was designed with a substantial cycleway network and has over 23 miles of cycleways, making it one of the best towns in the UK for travelling by bicycle.

Stevenage cycle routes -

Stevenage Cycle Map - find your routes and your nearest bike rack.

Despite the good cycle network, research shows that in Stevenage the split for travelling to work is around 68% by car, 3% by cycle and 11% by foot.

To encourage more people to take up the active modes of travel, the council is proposing a borough wide Cycle Hire Scheme.

The Schemes objectives are to:

  • Encourage a change in the way we use local transport by providing an efficient complement to public transport.
  • Offer an alternative to driving for short trips, reducing congestion and air pollution.
  • Make cycle share available to the public at low cost.
  • Improve access to jobs, education, and amenities with “first/last mile” connectivity.
  • Increased number of people cycling, leading to improved health and well-being.


  • Project scope October 2022.
  • Assess Market Interest August 2023.
  • Public Consultation August 2023.
  • Stevenage Cycle Hire Business and Community Event September 2023.
  • Invitation to Tender October 2023.
  • Scheme launch 2024.


We are pleased to confirm the Contract for the Implementation of a Borough-Wide Cycle Hire Scheme has been awarded to SMIDSY Ltd, (t/a Beryl).

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What are we doing?

  • Todo31/03/2024

    Agree funding and phasing

    Agree funding from SBC, developers, HCC, Towns Fund.

What has been done?

  • Done04/12/2023

    Tender for the scheme

    Formal tender for providers to deliver a scheme hire scheme for the town

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