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HO2Monitoring of Social Housing Energy Efficiency


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Stevenage Borough Council has been working to establish methods of monitoring the energy efficiency of their social housing stock in order to identify patterns of energy usage and therefore ultimately areas in which energy efficiency could be improved.


Energy efficiency refers to the optimal utilisation of energy resources to achieve desired outcomes while minimising waste and reducing environmental impact. In households, energy efficiency involves adopting practices and utilising appliances that consume less energy to perform the same tasks. This may include using energy-efficient lighting, well-insulated windows, and appliances with high energy efficiency ratings. Implementing energy-efficient measures is important as it helps reduce overall energy consumption, lowering utility bills and lessening the environmental footprint associated with energy production. By maximising the use of energy without compromising performance, households contribute to sustainability and conserve resources.

Moreover, energy efficiency contributes to the resilience of energy systems by reducing the overall demand for energy. When households and businesses use energy more efficiently, there is less strain on the energy infrastructure. This can help prevent energy shortages, decrease the likelihood of blackouts or disruptions, and enhance the overall reliability of the energy grid.

In 2022, SBC partnered with Sava Intelligent Energy to provide calculations, analysis and improvement planning for reducing energy and carbon in housing. Sava provides outputs on SAP ratings, EPC bandings, carbon outputs, energy costs and space heating demands. The system allows for better planning and funding applications based on various suggested improvement options with the consideration of cost optimisation.


What has been done?

  • Done31/12/2022

    Implement an Intelligent Energy System

    Sava Intelligent energy provides calculations, analysis and improvement planning for reducing energy and carbon in housing. It provides outputs on:

    • SAP ratings & EPC Banding
    • Carbon outputs
    • Energy costs for homes
    • Space heating demands

    Allows planning based on various sets of improvement options e.g. sets out improvements needed for properties below an EPC Band C. Also includes cost optimisation when planning. Useful for informing bids for funding.

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